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Pasadena, California


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What Clients Are Saying

Nicolette was instrumental in rebranding our company. What separates her from other freelance designers is that she truly cares about your business.
— Kearv Shigley, Marketing Manager,MAP Management Consulting, Inc.
As a guest critic and professor at Art Center College of Design I had the occasion to work with a number of talented students, but Nicolette distinguished herself with her sophistication and enlightened understanding of design, and certainly of life. In her eyes, design and the personal investment of character that should go with it are inseparable, meaning that her work at the time, and i am sure her professional work as well, carried with it a rare quality of openness, combined with intelligence, talent and the obvious pleasure of considering new ideas, playing with them in her mind as well as on paper. Nothing more important need be said about her abilities, other than the clear fact that “she gets it”, which I consider the highest form of endorsement...
— Steve Diskin Design Consultant and Chairman Emeritus of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute